About Us

Here at IEEE VIT, we strive to uphold IEEE's mission statement - to foster technical innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Our members regularly bring home numerous laurels and accolades from national and international hackathons. No matter the season, you'll always find us juggling multiple projects and orchestrating a diversity of events from the ground up.

We cover a wide range of domains including -


TechLoops are interactive workshops involving hands-on sessions that result in stronger understanding of concepts for both the speakers and the audience. We conduct TechLoops with the aim of cultivating technical skills among students.

Our events

Over the course of a year, we conduct a multitude of events spanning a broad spectrum of domains. These events serve as an opportunity for participants to hone their skills and give us the chance to learn along the way.


Check out the blogs from IEEE-VIT members that cover a range of tech-related topics and provide the right guidance you need.


Check out our podcast series that covers a range of tech-related topics and provide a unique opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in technology.

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